Wednesday, August 11, 2010

'Peace In Our Time Or Lets Climb To The Electric Moon Babe' hand purse by WiLd PeArLy

“Keep your electric eye on me babe,

Put your ray gun to my head,

Press your space face close to mine, love.
Freak out in a moonage daydream ohhh yeah!
Freak out, far out, in out…alright!”
---David Bowie~* ("Moonage Daydream")

So, one day I received a custom request from one of my dear customers from Oregon. She asked me to design her a purse that will be featuring a piece of fabric she had in her stock for a while. The fabric is Alexander Henry’s (famous mod-pop hand peace-sign design)...the rest was left to me & my imagination...and this is what we got...

T-minus…10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..we have ignition!':))) Blast off to the heavens above with this dazzling retro, cyber-punk hand purse made with the movement in the 60’s in mind, with a twist of mod-pop! From the first launch into outer space, to the peace and love movement, you can definitely recognize these qualities in this design along with that wild and ‘dandy-punk-ish’ look to add that extra flair! These two styles critique each other well and bring a whole new dimension to the “designer” purse category. This is the perfect piece for a true Bohemian who will never forget about the good old times of progress and peaceful revolution! This luxurious, yet super fun purse has an exterior that consists of a crushed/textured aluminum novelty pleather that is highlighted with matching tassel strands. It has front and back matching woven trimmed pockets for convenience that dawn the ever famous “Jolly Roger” skulls decorated with rhinestones, roses, and traces of glitter. These pockets close with matching metallic blue and red snap buttons. The handles are very chic and consist of high quality transparent acrylic with silver metal. The interior is very special and consists of two pockets. The center pocket is actually more like a separate, extendable compartment that is a mod-pop design made from Alexander Henry’s famous hand peace-sign fabric. 
The surrounding walls are perfectly matched with a retro polka dot cotton fabric…and completed with an additional open metallic silver pocket on the inside! The interior of these walls are well padded for extra firmness as well. 
The extra special feature of the purse is that you actually change it’s shape and dimensions! The sides are extendable, for that extra precious cargo, or you can close it off with the button /hoop to change the size and shape of the purse! How cool is that!? 

Other embellishments that this purse features are: blue hand painted butterflies with silver skulls, metallic silver rope trim, blood red and dark blue roses… And , finally, a lot of girls are going to be jealous at you wearing this attention grabber fulfilled with quality and wild boho-chic-style!"

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