Monday, August 23, 2010

The 'Elf-Shelf' or the 'Lost Boy-ish' wooden cabinet / work in progress! ;))))

The 'Elf-Shelf'/ 'Lost Boy-ish' wooden cabinet is in progress! ;))))

This is an old wooden cabinet I recently bought at one of the local thrift shops.

I send-ed it and partially painted in turquoise blue ('Forgotten Secret') & purple ('Cleopatra's Gown')!
And I am still working on it ;p

This is actually the very first picture I took of it, but after applying one coat of a purple paint, LoL! Thanx 'Cynniegurl' for reminding me to do this! ;p

I usually keep on forgetting to take shots of my work in progress. But I think it's totally cool to see the beauty of transformation in any way...

The purpose of this cabinet display will be to hold some of my whimsy-ELF- designs. I simply adore them! Their faces are completely made out of polymer clay (including the tiniest details I added with different sizes of needles). Other used materials are shiny colorful satin(s), natural feathers, pearls, tulle,vintage lace, etc...who knows what will appear to the very end of this project,haha!

I'll be also finishing these guys ( and the girls, why not??! ;p) within the next couple of days...Actually these little' Elf-ish' creatures remind me a lot (in spirit) of 'the Lost Boys' from the story about the Peter Pan & co. :)))) I absolutely enJOY each & every piece...and I hope you will too!


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