Sunday, September 23, 2012

ThE ZoMbiErAriUm design #2 :)

ThE ZoMbirAriUm or ZoMbiEs R Us photo update! ;)

This miniature, geeky Terrarium Diorama is currently listed in my Etsy shop:

My latest ZoMbiE creations~* :)

Hey, Super-Freaks! ;D
I am proud to present you:
ThE ZoMbiRariUm' collection or ‘ZoMbiEs R uS’! ;)
Miniature Terrarium Diorama with a little 'WaLkiNg DeAd' creature & combination of real & faux moss!
Grotesque, picturesque and absolutely irresistible for every true Zombie flick fan & person who loves OOAK whimsical creations! :)

I'm a huge horror fan as well; have been as long as I can remember! Especially interested in the "undead" creatures; Zombies, Vampires, Ghouls; also the Werewolves :) So, it was so natural to me to create this super unique, three-dimensional diorama terrarium! It was so much fun and I am very happy with the results (trust me, these pictures can't do enough justice!). If you are looking for something extremely different, fun, grotesque, geeky with a twist of gore, this OOAK miniature created with nature finds and love is a must have in your collection!
Used materials include: preserved moss, nature finds (branches, stones, dried flowers, faux/synthetic moss) , small thick glass jar, acrylic paint , stage (fake) blood…

This design is currently listed in my Etsy shop:

P.S. Can't wait for the 3rd season of “The Walking Dead” to come out!!! ;D

A great Film to watch: Donald Sutherland in "Don't Look Now" (1973.) by Nicolas Roeg

Just finish watching this masterpiece! It reminded me how much I LoVe-LoVe-LoVe cinematography by Nicolas Roeg!
Mr. Roeg you totally rOcK!!! ~* :)