Saturday, June 20, 2009

Secret Fantasies necklace by WiLd PeArLy

When speaking of passion, love, and the realm of possibilities…only you hold the key to unlock all of your wildest fantasies! This dazzling necklace holds the forces to help reveal these innermost feelings, and relinquish the power of sheer will! Follow your heart, and the magic of the pendant will do the rest! This mystic icebreaker consists of flocked heart beads (purple velvet), separated by metalic rainbow glass seed beads, fluffy purple and black chenille, and very interesting shaped silver metal links. The pendant is truly special, and is fully handmade from polymer clay, a 40x30mm clear acrylic “magnified” cabochon, silver metal key and lock, and completed with a glittered “high gloss” finish! The necklace has a big silver metal antique styled toggle clasp closure. The possibilities are endless, the fantasies are nearby… Grasp them quickly with this glorious necklace, and never let go ~*…

Frida' s Parrots mixed media hand purse by WiLd PeArLy

And now, my very-very cool designed hand purse!!!. I named it "Frida's Parrots" in symbolical way, cause it reminds me of a self portrait painting of one of the world most famous artists Frida Kahlo... There are so many ways to be interested in Frida Kahlo, who was born a hundred years ago and died forty-seven years later, in 1954, than simply to look at and judge her paintings, as paintings!… There is no doubt that Frida Kahlo is a piece of multicultural theater. As such, she was an irresistibly exotic subject for photographers, and also for herself. But, of course, she did know how to keep it and still does. That "place" is pretty much everywhere now, wherever her art is, in Mexico City, in Philadelphia, not to mention on the Internet, where there are countless thousands of Web sites dedicated to her. And because her images, especially her self-portraits, are like no others, they stay with you, travel with you. You want the Kahlo experience? You don’t have to wait. Close your eyes, and bring her face into your mind, where you are always first in line!… Her self-portraits are about her gaze, as subject matter, technique, and content. And her pansexual charisma, shadowed by tales of ghastly physical and emotional suffering, makes her an avatar of liberty and guts. ” AndrĂ© Breton praised her art—with enthusiasm marked by condescension—as “a ribbon around a bomb.” In point of fact, the ribbons and other feminine adornments that she renders are, themselves, rhetorically explosive. In her self portrait “Me and My Parrots” (1941), it combines with sharp tonal contrasts of warm color to convey invisible moistness, as of a summertime, full-body, delicate empathy. AND NOW JUST A LITTLE BIT ABOUT THE PURSE DESIGN! ;) The colors are vibrant and full of contrast just like in her paintings! . Earth tones combined with wild, almost “toxic” ones. This purse is also ECO friendly cause it was made of 100% recycled felt! The list of other materials consists of: 100% cotton fabric (exterior+interior), neon colored plushy pom-poms, orange sparkling tulle, fluffy colorful yarn, hand painted - feather made butterfly, hand made polymer clay "moon face" (FrIdA's face!) pendant with a lot of glitter+rhinestone on her forehead ;) ; all finished and preserved with a wonderful gloss!. There is a colorful beaded tassel with a big polymer clay bead that has a lot of tiny emboded mirrors...silky shiny orange decorative rope, wired plush and funky wood handles! The purse is lined with 100% cotton decorative fabric, with a magnetic snap closure to safely close away the goods. Here are the purse measurements: Height: Approx. 11.5 inches Width: (side to side) approx. 10 inches, (front to back) approx. 6 inches Handle heighth: 6 inches EITHER FRIDA'S, YOURS, MINE,..EITHER OURS, ...THEIRS... THE PARROTS ARE ALL ABOUT FREE SPIRIT & FREEDOM!!!. LET THEM SPEAK UP FOR YOU! ~* THIS DESIGN IS OOAK AND 100% HANDMADE *~

Geometric Glitter Galaxy epoxy resin stud earrings by WiLd PeArLy

This set of earrings comprises two gorgeous epoxy resin geometric shapes filled with colorful glitter. Resin ovals and squares are linked together with smooth black acrylic beads and soft wired plush. Bold colors are purposely separated by a “dark line” to make the colors come forward. 3/4-inch squares have posts on back and they stunningly sparkle close to the ear. Put these “Geometric Glitter Galaxy” earrings on and gleam with class! They are artistic, fashionable, futuristic and cyber. The same sense of bold opposing colors plus the extra dimensionality will appeal to the sophisticated art lover.

Twinkling Neptunians polymer clay earrings by WiLd PeArLy

Neptune is the eighth planet from the Sun in the Solar System…

In the symbolical meaning it is divine compassion and the higher octave of personal love, Venus. Where Venus says, "I’ll love you if you love me" Neptune says, "I love you because it’s my nature to love; You are worthy of love because you exist."
Neptune’s vibration is neither of matter nor of this Earth. It rules all that is subtle, mysterious, ill-defined and not material: sensitivity, suffering, compassion, music, dance, theater, film, dreams, fog, mist, drugs, alcohol, anesthesia, illusion, deception, obligation, the psychic, mediumistic and the mystical.
Planet Neptune rules Pisces, the sign of compassion (and I am posting this item during the time of the Pisces!:D)…
Neptune symbolizes sensitivity, psychic and mystical capacity, dreams, illusion, delusion, deception, the higher octave of Venus, drugs, alcohol, obligation, bondage and fog…

These dangling earrings represent artistic vision of the Neptunian.
Their faces are handmade of polymer clay, painted, glittered and preserved with a high gloss.

Other pretty accents are: blue flocked (velvet) beads, delicate metal chains and beads, soft wired plush, blue and purple transparent polyresin “bulbs”, and silver metal spiral charms.

By wearing these truly unique artistic and funky earrings, you’ll display yourself in the Neptunian lights of a transcendental persuasion!
Make your common spaces more playful, inspiring, and thought-provoking, not just functional! ;)