Sunday, June 16, 2013

LiTtLe GhOsT~*

"...Every morning I awoke
And I see my little ghost
Wond'rin' if it's really her that's lying there
I lean to touch her and I whisper
But not brave enough to kiss her
When I held her I was really holding air

Little ghost, little ghost
One I'm scared of the most
Can you scare me up a little bit of love?
I'm the only one that sees you,
And I can't do much to please you
And it's not yet time to meet the lord above..."

"Little Ghost" by *~The White Stripes~*

'LiTtLe GhOsT~*' by WildPearly

This is my entry for the 'nonteam' Tresury challenge #139More info here: Treasury is inspired by dewdropdaisies' "Shabby White Frame Collection"~*

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